Each EGEA facial includes a skin analysis, consultation, deep cleansing, exfoliation, healing facial massage, gentle extractions, customized serums, masks and protective cremes.

Essential Facial Services

  • Signature Facial
    Focuses on deep cleansing and promotes healthy circulation. Each facial is customized with products carefully selected for individual needs.
  • Organic
    This nourishing facial uses all natural and certified organic ingredients from start to finish.
  • Gentleman’s
    Cleanses while healing beard and shaving irritations. A delightful indulgence.
  • Pre-Teen & Teen
    Keeps young skin beautiful and blemish free. Education for ongoing home skin care.
  • Back Facial
    This treatment is customized to recondition sensitive, active and dry back skin.
  • Collagen add-ons $15 to $35

Targeted Facial Treatments

  • Hydrating Facial
    Provides immediate hydration using a gentle HydroPeptide™ Blueberry peel that exfoliates while nourishing the skin and enhancing its luminosity.
  • Calming Facial
    Recommended for sensitive skin,  this treatment uses the full suite of Avene™ professional products, of which Avene™ Thermal Spring Water is the key ingredient. It cleanses and nourishes the skin with the most healing and soothing properties making it feel refreshed and renewed.
  • Alpha-Hydroxy
    These treatments use Alpha-Hydroxy and other safe, deep exfoliation products to illuminate your skin leaving it clean, clear and even. Great for reducing hyper pigmentation. 4-6 treatments recommended
  • Acne Clearing
  • Glycolic Peel
    Targets specific skin conditions, series of 6 recommended
  • Collagen add-ons $15 to $35

Advanced Treatments

  • 24K Gold
    Revitalizes skin with a liquid gold serum made with botanical extracts A & E. Immediately improves your skin’s appearance, promotes cellular regeneration, plumps fine lines and tightens skin
  • Collagen
    Dramatically restores needed moisture to mature skin. A soluble collagen serum of amino acids and a specialized massage improve elasticity while restoring moisture
  • Brightening Facial
    A two step HydroPeptide™ Vitamin C peel promotes a clearer, brighter, smoother and more radiant skin complexion.
  • Firming and Lifting Facial
    A botanical HydroPeptide™ pumpkin peel reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles naturally.
  • The Age Reversing Oxygen Facial
    This treatment uses a patented delivery system that effectively generates oxygen directly on the skin with an enzyme action. This therapeutic topical oxygen gently stimulates cellular response to diminish the visible signs of aging and minimize any redness. Skin will feel firmer and look more radiant.
  • Microdermabrasion
    Polishes your skin with an advanced mechanical exfoliation treatment. Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage,  acne scarring, and superficial age spots.
  • Collagen add-ons $15 to $35
  • Chemical Peel
    Single or series pricing available