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Make It Better 2018

Make it Better – Best of 2018: The Votes Are In!

BEST SPA – Suburbs

Egea Spa, Evanston – This repeat winner offers top-of-the line spa services, including comprehensive spa packages designed to help relieve stress and tension.

—Make It Better Magazine

Best of the North Shore 2017: Best Face Forward

Blame it on Jay Z and David Beckham—celebrities who reportedly are open about their love of spa treatments—spas are no longer the domain of women. At Egea Spa in Evanston, owner Kathy Pappas says men are increasingly an important demographic. From Northwestern students who want to start early with good skincare to older executives interested in anti-aging treatments to weekend athletes who need body work to divorced men hitting the dating scene, North Shore men are serious about looking and feeling good. This spring, Egea will expand its services to include masculinescented gentlemen’s pedicures like the Whiskey Sour; the Bourbon Bubbler Body Polish made with real Kentucky bourbon; a Mocha Joe Gentleman’s Facial with coffee scrub and a cocoa mask; and the Olympian massage, featuring a deep-tissue massage and the ancient art of cupping to rejuvenate tired and overworked muscles. Egea also offers male eyebrow grooming and waxing, laser hair reduction and a variety of anti-aging treatments.

—Kerrie Kennedy

Egea Spa News: North Shore - Best of the North Shore 2017.

Commit to Get Fit: Post-Workout Pampering

After a workout, treat your sore muscles with a blissful massage that heals as much as it relaxes.
Aromatherapy Massage at Egea Spa, The North Shore’s Wellness Spa

Although aromatherapy massage has been around for a while, it is not commonly thought to be a “go-to” post-workout massage. Yet, after visiting Egea Spa in Evanston (a veritable gem on the North Shore), I learned that the essential oils used in aromatherapy massages have healing effects on the body, one of which is to help muscles recover from strenuous exercise. “Eucalyptus has a purifying, cleansing effect; lavender has a calming effect that helps the body achieve homeostasis after exercise; citrus helps re-energize the body; and the stress relief oil, which is a mixture of a few essential oils, will relieve tension and help prevent injuries,” says Egea Massage Therapist Chaya. After a warm foot bath and foot rub (which, frankly, would have been enough to satisfy me; that’s how good it was), I opted to try the Eucalyptus oil. My masseuse took her time, focusing on problem areas—such as stiff shoulders and tense feet—and by the time I left, I felt completely relaxed and pain-free. Another plus: I also smelled divine, which was a welcome change from the sweat of a hard workout.

–Jenna Schuber

Mother Daughter Day

Maybe it’s genetic, the way mothers and daughters tend to share a mutual love of pampering. My 14-year-old daughter recently jumped at the chance to get a “teen facial” at EGEA Spa in Evanston, happily declining an important social engagement and even getting up early on a Sunday morning in order to spend some quality time with her mother. Located in a storefront space on Sherman Avenue, EGEA’s pale yellow and light blue color palette, complemented by blonde hardwood floors and soft mood music, is a cue to what lies ahead. After filling out some forms, we were given sea green spa slippers and led into a chic and luxurious changing room/waiting area (reminiscent of Chicago’s Four Seasons Spa, we thought), where we changed into thick white terrycloth robes and drank cucumber water and green tea. We could have easily spent the afternoon here, but estheticians Kinga and Stephanie appeared and led us into our treatment rooms. I had the 24K Gold Facial, which uses pure gold to remove toxins and improve smoothness and hydration. My daughter’s teen facial focused on cleansing, exfoliation, and skin care education.Both of us were impressed with the attention to detail: the ultra-comfortable heated beds, the extra-wide terrycloth headbands that really cover your hair, the “hand facials” and upper body massages that were included, and the unhurried, skilled approach of our estheticians. We left, armed with glowing skin, goodie bags filled with samples from the All Things Pure BioElements line, and a relaxed attitude that carried us through the rest of our day.

—Kerrie Kennedy

“Sun Protection Meets Style” Trunk Show

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