We don’t accidentally stumble into an amazing life…

It is often proceeded by a trauma, drama or crisis that flips our life upside down. Our pain or places that we are stuck is our soul’s invitation and desire for us to grow and awaken to new truths about ourselves and life.

Finding our truth begins when we stop looking outside of ourselves and begin looking within. When it rises from within we find clarity and authenticity. Fulfillment, blessings and abundance emerge from all of our experiences in life, even the challenging and messy ones.

Soul Awakening

Release Fear. Remember Love.

Soul Awakening is a deep introductory course and path of healing and awakening. Through this course, you will begin to rediscover and recover your soul’s unconscious gifts and talents as well as the unconscious fears and beliefs that keep you stuck and disconnected from them.

When living and expressing from your True Self, you become comfortable with and start to embrace the uncertainty of life. This transformation opens the door to tremendous guidance, creativity, and possibilities for your life and the manifestation of your dreams and heart’s desires.

Awaken to True Power, True Love & True Self.

Everyone is born with unique gifts, talents and creativity. Most of us have forgotten or disowned them. When you discover and express your talents, you create a life of joy, abundance and purpose. Living from your authentic self not only serves your highest good; when doing so, you become a powerful beacon of truth and love for those around you.

Heal and Release.

The knowledge, tools and guidance offered in this course, combined with your soul’s natural wisdom will dramatically shift and transform your daily life.

Meet Julie


Julie Fischer is a Soul Coach, Way Shower and Teacher.

After a successful career in sales and marketing and development and advancement for non-profits, Julie felt called to share her gifts through coaching after a family crisis led her to the deep and challenging work of discovering her truth buried beneath wounds, belief systems and patterns of behavior that no longer served her or the people that she loved.

Julie is certified through Soul Space, Inc. and a certified member of Association of Coaching. Julie holds space for individuals and facilitates groups to inspire, awaken and unleash the power of the human spirit. Julie has an office in Glenview, Il and also coaches via phone/facetime. Julie will be offering programs in other Chicagoland locations this Fall.

What are you seeking? What no longer serves you? What truth is waiting to emerge?

“Soul Awakening provided me with a clear guide of how to see and replace fear behavior with love behavior. Julie was a gentle navigator in the muddy waters of our “stories”.  With clarity, humor and an open heart, she challenged us each week to see and break the bonds of our old patterns.”

-Annie, Soul Awakening Participant

“I have taken two classes with Julie, and am signed up for my third in the coming year. I have lost a little bit of “me” in these past few years.  I was unhappy with myself and my negative thoughts about nearly everything, but mostly about myself.  I was judgmental and needed to find the beautiful soul I knew was hidden to me, but visible to everyone else.  Julie taught me how to be a bit kinder and gentler to myself, and know that the beliefs and judgements I have today were set in place by forces long ago, and not truly mine.  It was time for me to become a new “me” with my own core of beliefs that were positive, and what I wanted them to be.  I am still a work in progress, and will continue to be, but I am forever grateful for Julie and the journey she has led me through in order to find the person that I know and love, and that resides in my body and soul.”

-Mary, Soul Awakening Participant

“Psychology 101 teaches us about heredity and environment as formative influences in our lives. Soul Awakening goes deeper, challenging us to examine our own beliefs and to ask ourselves, “Does this belief serve me?” Julie is a gifted facilitator who gently guided us to think deeply about this question in big and small ways. I find myself coming back to this question on a daily basis — and feeling unstuck, accountable, and inspired to reshape beliefs that no longer serve me. Thank you, Julie, for being a loving, open, encouraging soul!”

-Chris, Soul Awakening Participant

Class Dates

September 4th – October 9th 2019

Wednesdays 6:30 – 8:00 pm

Cost: $375, includes all course materials

Course Modules

  • Module 1: The Truth

    Remembering Your True Self

  • Module 2: The Lie

    Wounds & Walls

  • Module 3: The Shadow

    Understanding and Transforming your Beliefs

  • Module 4: The Shift

    Understanding your Ego’s Patterns, Habits and Masks

  • Module 5: The Remembering

    Recovering and Living from Your True Self

  • Module 6: The New Beginning

    Living with Purpose