Egea Spa Now Offers No Chip Manicures

There’s a lot of buzz about the no-chip manicures that many nail salons are offering and we’ve had a number of customers ask us about them as well.  As a wellness spa, we at Egea pride ourselves on being able to provide great products that you’ll love and are good for you.

Well, we’ve listened to you and have found a no-chip nail product that is high quality and is infused with vitamins and minerals.  The result: nails don’t weaken, yellow or dry out.

What is a no-chip manicure?

At Egea, our no-chip manicure is very similar to our other manicure services, but with a few differences.

First, your nails are groomed as usual.   Then, they are primed with a vitamin infused base coat and allowed to cure for 30 seconds under LED lights.  Finally, your nail technician will brush on a layer of no-chip nail lacquer, making sure to seal the nail for long lasting wear and cover with a top coat.  Your no-chip polish is then allowed cure for another 30 seconds and voilá!  Your no-chip manicure is complete.

What makes the no-chip manicure at Egea Spa different?

Our no-chip manicures are infused with vitamins A, E and B5 to help protect the structure of your nail.  While other products can harm your nails and cause them to weaken, our system helps your nails stay healthy.

How long does the no-chip manicure last?

Egea Spa’s no-chip manicure can last up to 2 weeks, even for those of you who are a little bit tougher on your nails than others.

2 weeks seems like a long time, what if I like to change my polish color more often?

No problem, you can easily cover your no-chip polish color with any other nail polish you wish.  You can either do this yourself, or schedule a polish change with one of our technicians and have it done for you professionally.

How do I get the polish off?

Our removal process is gentle, safe and will not damage your nail. We suggest that you schedule your appointment for removal at Egea Spa after 2 weeks.

You can do another no-chip application at this point or a classic, signature or spa manicure in between.

How can I schedule my appointment? 

Give us a call at 847-332-2772 to schedule your appointment for your no-chip manicure today or visit our services page for pricing.