Experience healing and relaxation techniques that have been around for centuries.
Our customized services last 60 or 90 minutes and begin with a foot bath and a thorough consultation.


  • Customized
    $110 / $155
    Select from light to medium touch to relieve stress and promote circulation
  • Aromatherapy
    $120 / $165
    Our Signature essential oils enhance your full body massage as you inhale their therapeutic properties
  • Warm Stone
    $130 / $185
    Naturally smooth warm stones are placed on the body and used during massage to dissolve stress, anxiety, and fatigue


  • Deep-Tissue
    $110 / $155
    Releases muscle tension, promotes flexibility and helps with chronic muscular pain
  • Reflexology
    $65 for 30 Min
    A therapeutic treatment based on pressure points on the feet & hands
  • Targeted CBD
    A powerful, natural cream (of hemp oil with other active botanical ingredients) is applied on focused areas of pain and inflammation during the service. Provides immediate relief from aches, pains, sore muscles, sprains, & strains.
  • Upper Body
    $65 for 30 Min
    Concentrates on releasing neck and shoulder congestion while also addressing back tension


  • Oncology
    A comforting, soothing massage to lessen or alleviate common physical conditions for those living with or recovering from cancer treatments
  • Pregnancy
    $115 for 60 Min
    For mothers-to-be, nurturing good health and comfort, while reducing overall fatigue
  • Sweet Isle Glow
    $100 for 45 min
    Soft yet penetrating rub with Shea and mango butter mixed with pure natural sugar and essential oils.

*The pricing for services with our most experienced, Master Massage Therapists is an additional $10 for each 60 min. massage and an additional $15 for each 90 min. massage.

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