Finding Zen: 7 Healthy Reasons to Get a Massage

A recent study by the research team over at McMaster University in Canada found some interesting health benefits related to getting a massage.  Even as little as 10 minutes per day was shown to have some very health positive effects.  A few of the health benefits they found in people that got massaged regularly were:

  •  Increased energy:  Massage is known to help improve circulation through the blood vessels.  Our muscles need oxygen in order to function to their fullest potential.  So, when you hear people talking about massaging tired muscles, that’s why.  The increased blood flow is bringing extra oxygen and nutrients to your muscles allowing them to work harder and longer.
  • Reduced soreness: Muscles can get sore for a number of reasons; sports; a strain or simply holding your body in an uncomfortable position too long.  Massage can help loosen muscles and relieve lactic acid build up from an intense work out.
  • Boosted Immunity:  Believe it or not, regular massages can actually boost your immunity.  High levels of stress can put a strain on your immune system, making you vulnerable to sickness.  Massage not only reduces stress, but also boosts the body’s white blood cell count increasing your first line of defense against illness.
  • Stress Reduction:  Massage has long been known to reduce stress.  But, did you know that regular touch can also increase both oxytocin and seratonin – two chemicals known to create a sense of euphoria and well being?  Aside from stress reduction, regular, light massage can also help prevent anxiety, depression and improve mental alertness.
  • Lowers blood pressure:  Contrary to what many people believe, high blood pressure does not necessarily cause any symptoms and it can strike almost anyone.  Massage is a great way to help reduce and prevent high blood pressure by helping to reduce stress, anxiety and feelings of hostility.
  • Loosens stiff muscles:  Did you just run a big race?  Or maybe you worked out a little bit harder than usual and forgot to stretch?  Including massage therapy as part of your wellness program is a perfect way to make sure that your muscles stay loose and limber, especially if you are physically active.
  • Decreased recovery time:  Not only can massage help relax your muscles, but it also lengthens and stretches muscles and can help reduce inflammation.  Healing time for many sports injuries can be decreased with a consistent program of rehabilitative exercises and sports massage and can be a great benefit to any athelete.


The benefits of massage are many… So, what are you waiting for?  Schedule a 60 minute or 90 minute massage with one of our knowledgable, trusted and licensed EGEA Spa massage therapists today!