Pedicures… They’re Not Just for Women Anymore

Guys, when was the last time you paid attention to your feet?  And by that, I mean not just looked at them peeking out from your flip flops or when you were changing in the locker room at the gym after your workout.  I mean, when was the last time you really paid attention to them?  You know, gave them some TLC in the form of a pedicure or at least clipped your toenails and put some moisturizer on them?

I know, we’re venturing into some murky territory here, but bear with me.  The fact is, that men need to care for their feet too, especially if they play sports or have a job that requires them to stand, walk or lift for hours on end.

It used to be that the pedicure station was the realm of women only and if you saw a guy at all, he was patiently waiting in a chair for his wife to finish her mani/pedi.  But, foot treatments aren’t a realm exclusive to just women anymore.  More and more men are finding that regular foot treatments can have some very positive health benefits.

Think about this: as a guy, you’re pretty active – you like to run, play football and shoot hoops with your buddies.  These activities can take a toll on your feet eventually causing corns, callous’, cracked heels and even ingrown nails. Over time, callous’ can build up, causing pressure and pain in our feet. Ingrown nails and dry, cracked heels too, can be painful and lead to infection.

Worse yet, letting these issues go untreated can lead to standing, walking and running in ways that aren’t good for other parts on our bodies. Our body parts have a symbiotic relationship with each other. The pressure from an untreated callous can cause a person to stand in such a way as to put unnecessary pressure on the knees and hips, causing injury and affecting the posture. They say “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and getting regular pedicures are a great way to prevent injury.

Aside from the health benefits of maintaining a regular foot regimen, let’s face it – pedicures actually feel nice. Warm jets of water massaging your feet, a much needed scrub and a foot and calf massage to top things off doesn’t have to be just for the ladies.  In fact, pedicures can be be so relaxing, as one of our male clients put it “if more men got pedicures there would be less strife in the world!”  We definitely like to think that’s true!

For most men, scheduling a foot treatment every other month is a good way to keep your feet soft, touchable and healthy in between regular maintenance. Here’s few tips for guys to keep those man feet in shape between treatments:

  • Make sure to clip your toe nails regularly. Going too long without clipping can cause nails to rub against shoes causing pain and in some cases ingrown nails.
  • Moisturize!   Moisturizer isn’t just for women and a good moisturizer can go a long way to help keep dry cracked feet feeling soft between foot treatments.
  • For foot odors and fungus, use a foot powder on your feet and in your shoes. Wearing cotton socks can make a big difference as well, since synthetic fabrics don’t breathe as well, especially inside a shoe.
  • Relax.  Let yourself unwind and enjoy the experience.  After all, that’s what it’s all about.

Egea Spa offers a clean, relaxing and private environment for all of our manicure and pedicure services.   Gentlemen, schedule a Sports Buff pedicure and begin your journey to health and wellness with us today.