4 Tips to Stay Injury Free Before the Chicago Marathon

The Chicago Marathon is less than a month away and runners all across Chicagoand suburbs have been training hard to make the most of this momentous day.  For many runners, training for such an event can take anywhere from 3-4 months depending on their conditioning.

Training for a marathon is hard work; running 3-4 days a week and doing light strength training exercises such as push ups, pull ups and sit ups to build the core.  With as much strain as this amount of activity puts on the body, runners need to be conscious of taking care of themselves, as well.  Proper rest, nutrition and massages are just some of the ways that they can do this.


However, even the most conscientious runner can suffer an injury while training for a marathon.  When it comes to running, some of the most common injuries happen in the knee, leg, ankle and foot.  From shin splints and blisters to ankle sprains and stress fractures; these injuries can cause minor discomfort or complete debilitation.


You want to make sure that you are in the best shape possible, come marathon day.  So, here a few ways you can prevent injury and treat your body well as you train for the Chicago Marathon.




Make sure that you stretch both before and after running.  Some of the best stretching exercises a runner can do are hip flexor stretches, calf stretches and quad stretches.  It might also be a good idea to engage in light yoga a couple of times a week to keep the rest of the body limber as game day approaches.


Warm up/Cool down


Always makes sure that you properly warm up and cool down.  Warming up is important to helping prevent injuries such as torn muscles.  The cool down is just as important, it’s never a good idea to abruptly stop exercising as blood pooling in the legs can occur, which can be fatal.


If the Shoe Fits…

Training in worn out running shoes is one of the most common ways that runners get injured.  A bad running shoe can cause injury to the foot and ankle including ankle sprain and plantar fasciitis.


Make sure that you are wearing the right type of running shoe for your body type and running style.  Some people may need shoes with extra cushioning or arch support.  If your shoes feel loose (like your foot is sliding in them) it’s time for a new pair.  Don’t risk injury just to save a few bucks.



Your Well Being Counts


Along with stretching, warming up and cooling down and making sure that you have the proper equipment; it’s important to take care of your body.  If you notice blisters forming on your feet, try a soothing lotion such as Save My Feet Blister Elixer to help soothe and combat more blisters from forming.  To help relieve sore muscles, Creams such as Traumeel and Biofreeze which contain homeopathic ingredients only help relieve muscular and joint pain but, also help you to heal faster.


Of course, don’t forget about massages.  A 60 or 90 minute massage with one of Egea Spa’s licensed and caring therapists is still the best way to relieve muscle soreness and keep you in top shape for the big day!


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